Is your current copier just not keeping up anymore? Maybe your company is growing faster than you thought and you need an upgrade or perhaps your copy machine is just too old. Either way, it’s time to start looking into a newer copier. We recommend that you consider buying a quality used copier since it’ll work like new, but without the hefty price tag.

With so many different manufacturers and functions, it might seem impossible to pick the right copier for your workplace. Luckily, there are some guidelines you can follow that can help.

How to Choose the Right Used Copiers for Businesses


Of course, considering the cost of used copiers is important. Luckily, you’ll be saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by buying a used copier over a new one. But you should also factor operating, maintenance, and toner costs into your final price. Is there a big cost difference between printing color versus black and white?

Pages per minute (PPM) and Impressions per minute (IPM)

Is your workplace fast paced and busy everyday? You’ll need a copy machine that works just as hard as you do, if not harder. You’ll need to look at the ppm and ipm of potential used copiers and make sure the numbers are high enough, depending on your printing and scanning volume.


Whether you have a workforce of 10 or 1,000, it’s important that your copy machine can communicate with each employee. They need the ability to send files to and from the copy machine smoothly. Otherwise, you’ll have efficiency problems and headaches.


Make sure your used copier has a sufficient amount of memory to keep up with your business. Just like the memory on your smartphone, a copy machine with enough memory can store a lot of data at one time so pages can print quickly.


Your used copier should come with a warranty for at least 30 days. This will give you confidence that its functions and capabilities will last. This is standard practice when working with a reputable used copier dealer.


Overall, you should make sure the used copier you’re choosing for your business provides quality copies. Note that a business who only needs a copy machine for black and white pages has different needs compared to a business that specializes in graphic design.

At Equipment Brokers Unlimited, we guarantee you’ll love your copy machine. We offer quality used copiers from top manufacturers like Konica Minolta and Xerox.

Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the right used copier for your business!