Getting rid of and replacing your business’ copy machine might not be at the top of your priority list. However, when the time comes, you should know how to sell your used copier to get the most money for it.

If business is booming, you’ll need to get your hands on a top-notch copy machine to keep up. If your current copier is still in working condition, consider selling it instead of throwing it in the dumpster. Any cash you receive for it will go towards your shiny, new copier!

How to Sell Your Used Copy Machine for Top Dollar

Look at what you’ve got.

Take inventory on what accessories and documents you have that belong to your old copier. This includes unused toner cartridges and ink accessories, instruction manuals, warranties, and service records. Having all this ready to go can help move the process along smoothly.

Clean it up.

Give your used copy machine a good cleaning before you plan to sell. Get rid of any dust and debris around buttons and in the paper tray. Also, make sure you clean up the glass plate and any other areas that saw heavy use.

Find a reputable dealer.

Once you’ve prepped your used copier for selling, you might be wondering, “Where should I sell my used copier?” Look through your local listings for office equipment brokers and office supply companies to find trustworthy dealers.

Check how much your copier is worth.

It can be as easy as filling out a form. Provide as much information as you can to a trusted dealer and they’ll let you know what your used copy machine is worth.

Selling your used copier should be a hassle-free experience. After all, you need to amp up your copying with a brand new copier as fast as possible.

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