We Buy & Sell Used Canon Copiers

Used Canon Copiers
We are your source for used Canon copiers

Equipment Brokers Unlimited is one of the nation’s largest buyers and sellers of used copiers, including used Canon copiers. Every year we buy thousands of used Canon copiers. First, we make sure they’re in great working order, then we re-sell them to you for less than a brand new copier. Why buy a new Canon copier when you can save thousands of dollars by getting a quality used Canon copier instead?

We Sell Top-Quality Used Canon Copiers Too

We buy thousands of used Canon copiers every year and we test their parts for quality. We follow an extensive 15-point inspection process that reviews and replaces poorly running, used copier components to make sure the Canon copiers we sell will provide you and your business with many years of use. All of our used Canon Copiers come with a 100% 90-day guarantee! We stand by our copiers and our customers, and when you buy a used copier from us, we will replace or repair any flawed parts for up to 90 days, for free!  Ready to buy a used copier? Click here to view our used copier inventory or call us at (800) 711-2815 to speak with a used copier representative.

We Buy Used Canon Copiers – Sell Your Copier Today and Get Top Dollar!

Every year we purchase and test thousands of used Canon business copiers, including ImageRunner and ImageClass models. Due to the high number of used copiers we buy and sell, we can pay you more than the competition. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we also buy high or low-meter used copiers, as long as they’re in great condition and free of major damage or defects. If you have a used Canon copier that you’d like to sell for top dollar, contact us today for a used copier quote.

We Are Your Source for Quality Canon Copier Parts

We’re not just in the business of buying and selling used Canon Copiers, we also have an impressive warehouse filled with quality Canon copier parts to keep your copier running at peak performance. From electronics and power supplies to toner, developer units and beyond, we have everything you need to keep your Canon copier at its best. Click here to see our database of used copier parts or call us at (800) 711-2815 to speak with a copier parts specialist.