Need to upgrade your copy machine at work? Consider selling your used copier for top dollar so you can get the machine your business needs for success.

Before you start advertising your used copier for sale, take the time to do your research and understand what to look out for.

Used Ricoh Copiers
Do your homework before selling a used copier in order to get the best price possible.

What You Need to Do Before Selling Your Used Copier

Know your copy machine

Before you start the selling process, you should understand all the features and functions of your copier. That way, you can better highlight its benefits to a potential buyer, showing its real worth. It’s also a good idea to clean up your copy machine before you sell. You’ll also be setting yourself up for getting the best price!

Work with official dealers

We recommend working with dealers that have built relationships with copy machine manufacturers like Xerox and Canon. Not only will they be more familiar with your copier, but they also have low overhead which means they can give you a better deal.

Shop around for the best price

There’s no rule saying that you have to stick with the first buyer you find. Look around your local copier dealers and see which one can give you the best price. Keep in mind that the price of copiers doesn’t vary too much from dealer to dealer, but you still might get a few extra bucks by looking at a few different options!

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